Volunteering Opportunities

Without volunteers the Assyrian American Association of San Jose would not have been able to achieve the name and fame that we are enjoying today.  We have volunteer opportunities available for every individual wanting to help. 


Running the AUOC State Convention is no small chore.  We will need our whole community to unite in planning, implementing and delivering yet the best state convention ever!


We are looking for volunteers to help in the following categories:


  • Registration

  • Ticketing

  • Events

  • Food Competition

  • Kids Camp

  • Sports

  • Picnic

Volunteer opportunities are for people of ALL AGES!  However, if your are a student and need to volunteer at a non-profit, search no more!  Bring in your school paperwork and we will sign off on your volunteered hours.  Complete the Volunteer Application Form below and let us know which category you would like to volunteer for.