Ishtar Night - Contestants

Fashion Show Rules & Guidelines

Entry Fee:

There is no entry fee to participate in the Fashion Show.


Deadline Date for Entry:

All applications must be submitted online by 5p.m Wednesday, May 1, 2019.


Who may enter:

Designers and models must be 8 years of age or older.  All participants 17-years and younger MUST have parent/guardian signature of consent to participate.


Judging and prizes:

Contestants will be judged how they best display the ability to create an Assyrian themed fashion outfit piece (dress, shirt, skirt, pants, etc).


Grand prize winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize.



Santa Clara Marriott


Day of Fashion Show:

Designers/models should plan to arrive by 5:30pm to be dressed and ready to walk the runway by 7pm on Saturday, May 27, 2019.


Hair and makeup must be done BEFORE the fashion show.


Fashion Show Guidelines:

Originality and creativity are encouraged.


Garments must have an Assyrian theme.


Garments must be constructed well enough to fit the model and hold together for the stage show. (If needed, models are strongly encouraged to wear comfortable clothes underneath garment).


Designers may wear the garment or may choose a model to wear the garment and walk the runway.


Designers may use materials for construction such as glue, tape, dyes, marker, staples, thread, zippers, elastic, wire, string, Velcro, boning, buckram, grommets, laces, starch, paint, etc.


Footwear can also be made; however, street shoes are acceptable. Shoes must be safe to walk in.


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